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Forhans Clexidin Mouthwash

Forhans Clexidin Mouthwash

Forhans Clexidin Mouthwash

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Forhans Clexidin Antiseptic Mouthwash with 0,12% Chlorhexidine - Oral Hygiene daily treatment to reduce halitosis, stomatitis, and periodontitis. Contains a Chlorhexidine formulation which reduces the risk of brown teeth stains when used for long term treatment. Unlike other products containing Chlorhexine, Forhans Clexidin Mouthwash provides a fresh, clean taste.

  • 200ml bottle of ready to use antiseptic mouthwash designed to reduce the formation of dental plaque
  • Recommended as a maintenance action to achieve good oral hygiene
  • Pre-dosed and ready-to-use formulation
  • Its pleasant taste allows it to effectively combat bad breath
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